Paddle Tennis
L.W. Zylon Carbon 4
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355 / 385 gr


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Made of a tubular bidirectional carbon fiber and zylon reinforced with 2 layers of glass fiber fabric and an exposed carbon fiber.

Through the 6LAYS technology, the construction of the edge of the frame and where the protector VFP is fixed has double reinforcements.

The Core is made of EVA Hypersoft 38mm, laminated with two layers of plain weave glass fiber and a superior Textalium Rhombus, impregnated with epoxy resin VAR-FLEX and coated with a titanium dioxide layer gives the maximum elasticity and strength to the paddle racket.

New technologies used as LOW RAMP and PLAINEDGE Design increases its´ level of resistance and performance.

Recommended for players seeking greater control in their shots, and prefers a rigid paddle racket although not as much as the ones with the carbon core.

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